Please see below the available links for the live webcast of upcoming and recent Funeral Services.

When you click the relevant link, it takes you to a title page for the Funeral.

Depending on where the Service is being held, and who is hosting the live stream, the page may also show the name, time, day etc of the funeral, 

along with a start time, displayed in the time zone of the country that you are watching the link from.  

On these pages, when it gets within an hour or so of start time, this automatically changes to a countdown timer.  

When the link goes live the page will automatically change to the live broadcast, there is no need to log in or do anything other than click on the hyperlink below.

Services where the live stream is being hosted by the Enfield Memorial Park have a page with a slightly different format, and require a PIN.  This will be included alongside the person's name.

If you are unable to watch the service as it is taking place, the respective link will remain available for at least 3 months, to allow you to watch it at your convenience.



Dabinet, Valda (PIN 5590)

Pollard, Laurence



when you need it the most